Does my ex want to reconcile? What does my ex want?

5 months ago, my partner of 10 years left. I was devastated. He didn't seem to want to talk at the time and the more questions I asked, the more reasons I got as to why we weren't working. He didn't want to try counselling. We had become a bit distant, but life gets that way sometimes and I thought we could work things out. He didn't want to deal with it, or me, so it seemed. So i left it. I moved out. Devastated. Am only now starting to recover and get on with life. After he told me in February that he was dating, I told him I need time to heal and have made no attempts to contact him. A couple of weeks ago he contact me by email during the day saying he wondered if we could talk. I didn't respond. That night he skyped me and said he wanted to talk about what we have both been going you want to talk? He said sometimes when he misses me a lot and it hurts, he realises the pain he has put me through and feels very guilty...not much I can do about that. He said he talks about me with his close friends more now than he did when we were together and that he has made big efforts to change.

Why is he telling me this now? Does he just want to ease his guilt? He didn't talk about his feelings when he was in the relationship, why now? I have spent too much time since our relationship ended reading into everything he says and now I just don't have the energy! I don't want to get my hopes up if it is just him getting things off his chest.

Any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.
By Lisalisa 15 years ago :: Dating
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