Should I stay or should I go?

My husband and I have been together for 10 yrs but I left him about 3 mo ago. We have 2 beautiful daughters ages 7 and 5. I had been thinking about leaving for many yrs. I did all of the housework (inside and outside), took care of the kids, did everything he asked of me, and worked a full time job. He would get off work at 5 pick up the kids and come home and sit on the couch, I would get home from work around 9 pm and still have to cook to dinner and bathe the children. They wouldn't get to bed till about 10:30 on school nights because of this. Although I did everything, he would still call me names on a daily basis, not allow me to go out with friends or even to my parents house for more than hour! I have said to him on many occasions that his behavior was uncalled for and that I deserved much better respect than I was getting. This never changed anything. Finally the day came, I packed up the kids and left.
I still talk to him on a daily basis. He has been going to counseling and reading self help books. I do see the changes in him. He is about to buy the house that we have wanted for a long time. I recently got accepted into a major university in our area so I could continue my education. He is telling me that we can move together into this home, I wouldn't have to work, just go to school, and care for the kids. I'm confused and don't know what to do. If I go through with the divorce I would have to juggle a full time job, full time school, and the kids (I also don't have any family in the area to help with babysitting or anything else for that matter). If I go back to him I wouldn't have to work and still be able to get my degree ( he does have family who is able to help out with anything we need). I do still care for him, I am only afraid of things going back to what they used to be.
I should also mention that I do have someone else in my life right now, I have known this person for a very long time. He is very sweet, polite, responsible, and all around good guy. His only flaw is that he is not a commitment type of person. I am able to be myself around him, which is very nice. With my husband I couldn't be my normal happy, outgoing self. I had to be a robot pretty much.
I'm just really confused right now. Any other insight would be much appreciated.
By penelope2086 11 years ago :: Marriage
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