My girlfriend's ex-boyfriends

My girlfriend still sees her ex-boyfriends but I never see them nor have ever met them.
The last one she was with when started with me and then another she was with when we broke up for two months but I got back with her.

Well, its not that just she sees them around. One is a carpenter and the other is a haridresser and basically she 'creates' work for them. She could go to any other carpenter for odd jobs and she could go to any other hairdresser.
She says, "But I get a haircut for $20 that would cost me $80 in a professional shop downtown" - She gets her hair cut at his apartment...
And the other one, "He gives me cheap prices for the carpentry work".
She rarely tells me when she has seen them and sometimes they come to her house when I am not there.

What kind of a situation am I in? I got to admit I don't like it, it actually really pisses me off but I suppress the issue in my mind.
Maybe I should just tell her I am not looking for this kind of relationship?
Of course one always has ex's but my impression was most people just move on amicably and only bump into each other from time to time unless there was a social/work group which made it such that they would often see each other...
But you see in this case she actually "creates" the work for them such that she sees them.
What do others think?
By Jackson12 12 years ago :: Dating
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