How unfair is it of me to expect my boyfriend to give up drinking and eating meat for me?

Part of my spiritual convictions include not drinking and not eating meat, and I am very serious about keeping these principles up. I feel very strongly about eating vegetarian for ethical and ecological reasons. I also have a history of alcoholism in the family and have no use for the stuff. My boyfriend, however, does not share many of my spiritual views and is very attached to drinking beer as a social thing. He does not drink very heavily, but he does like doing it on a regular basis. He has cut a great deal of meat out of his diet, but not altogether. Obviously many of my friends drink and eat meat, and I certainly believe that every person is free to make their own choices. However, this is a person who I am making plans to be married to and have a family with. I want to raise my children according to what I think is the best example. He is extremely loving, supportive and sympathetic, but he is not very keen on the idea and is the kind of person who must make his own mind up about things. I feel unfair asking him to change for me, but on the other hand I feel strongly about what I think is right and what I want for my future kids. I am hoping that he will change, but I don't want to waste his or my time. This issue is really breaking my heart.
By tulsi 12 years ago :: Dating
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