Is it time to leave my man?

We've been together a little over three years and we have a two year son. Before we had a baby we used to go out to the bars together and we had lots of fun. But since I got pregnant I really changed ( for the better). My boyfriend still likes to go out. He parties so hard that he ends up passing out at a friends house, without calling me to let me know what's going on. Because of this behavior, he missed our son's first ultrasound, I've had to walk to work 8 months pregnant because he wasn't there to give me a ride, and many other similar situations. Last summer he cheated on me with his friend's wife and still went out partying all night long. He goes out less but still screws me over by not being home with the kids when I have to go to work. He nice and loving, but it feels like manipulation to make up for not coming home. Do I accept that he has a drinking problem and continue to love him or move on?
By Heatherrose19 12 years ago :: Dating
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