does my partner have the right to not do his fair share of keeping our apt clean

my partner and I have had this same fight / battle for about 15 yrs now, and it's only getting worse. I feel that he treats me like I'm not as good as he is, because he'll sit and play video games or computer games while I try to clean our place that is so filthy that it's not fit for our cats let alone our family. When we met I had a very clean and organized home, now if I want to have a clean home I have to clean it myself and it's fucked up cuz he'll create a big mess in a room I've just finished cleaning before I'm done cleaning a room I'm currently working on. We recently moved into a large two bedroom apt and bought new furniture, but I'm still doing 98% of house chores, . I had insisted that the bathroom in what was our bedroom was mine and he and
Tyler our son could share the main bathroom my reasoning being that I would'nt have to scrub the bathroom every time I wanted a shower or bath and so now I no longer have a living room because he insists that he needs his own room and the bedroom is mine. He also will not sit down and discuss what needs to happen to make things better for both of us, our sex life ispretty much non existant because I'm too tired and my body hurts so bad. I have been diagnosed with a few illnesses that have taken a toll on my physical and emotional health about 13 years ago, but thats not the whole reason anymore he treats me like shit most of the time and when he's not being a horn dog I don't feel like he has the any feeling for me at all everything else has priority over me calls me a bitch or cunt but when he wants sex I'm suppose to be there for him, He wont let me finish anything I have to say but I have to be available to listen to what he says and not interupt, now when I try and treat him to his own medicine I'm a fucking bitch or cunt,
By stealthlady 12 years ago :: Marriage
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