Should I stay or go? I don't know whether to continue this relationship!

Back in June, my ex-boyfriend dumped me. I felt I did accurate mourning; I cried, yelled, screamed, and the like for a few months. I spent time with my family and with my friends and began to find myself again after dating my ex-boyfriend for four and a half years. During this time, I had a bit of a fling with a friend and that helped me get over him faster. As it turns out, throughout the entire time I had this fling, I got closer to an old friend from college who had been single for a few months himself. We ended up kissing one night, and well, that led to us deciding to see each other and eventually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

We were seeing each other for a month or two when we finally became official. We have been officially dating a little over a month now, and well, we had our first fight a few days ago. It wasn't a small fight either. It was a rather nasty one. We argued about our expectations or rather our feelings.

My boyfriend told me he doesn't love me, which honestly wouldn't concern me if he hadn't said to me that he loved me already. He went on to say that he felt his affection for me waning and maybe we just weren't compatible. We nearly broke up, but before we nearly did, I asked him if he was 100% sure and he said no. He said logically I'm the best girlfriend he's ever had, but that emotionally he wishes he had the crazy skyrocket romance he had with his ex. I then asked him if he was happy with me and he said yes. We ended up deciding to postpone the conversation.

Well, three days have passed and my boyfriend is a musician. We finally saw each other today and he couldn't have been more affectionate if he tried. We've decided on talking about this tomorrow, and eh, I left the decision on whether we break up or stay together up to him. To be frank, though, I question if I should have broken up with him upright. I feel as if he rebounded on me despite him saying he didn't and I know if we continue, it will be difficult for me to trust his words. Still, aside from this, he has been nothing but kind and sweet to me. I feel very happy with him otherwise.

My mother got hospitalized last week and he took my mother to the hospital. He was really attentive and made sure that I was eating and sleeping properly. He really is a nice guy and I know if we break up, we will eventually be friends again, but the truth is that now that I've had him as a boyfriend, I really do like him and I don't want to break up over one fight. I think it's too early for this, and eh, everything tells me to take it slow and steady, but at the same time, I don't know whether to bother. Is it too early to tell if this relationship has long-term relationship? Should I stay or go? Is it likely he's going to break-up with me tomorrow when we actually discuss this personally? Any advice is welcome.
By Franco 12 years ago :: Dating
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