I normally host Thanksgiving. I'm having surgery day before turkey day. Family expects me to host xmas now.

I normally host Thanksgiving. I live in an area of 4 families, my parents who are too old to host thanksgiving, and then my bro and sister in law, and my SIL's bro and wife. Somehow when I moved here we fell into pattern of me hosting thanksgiving, bro hosting christmas, and SIL's bro hosting easter.

This year I started a new job and have little time off. I also have a surgery I need, and so I scheduled my surgery for the day before thansgiving, knowing that with holiday time off I could get 5 days off for the price of one for recovery. I let my family know the situation and that I wouldn't be hosting Thansgiving this year.

My email was met with no response except one from my sister in law who just simply asked if I would be hosting christmas instead then.

I feel guilty -- am I obligated to host a different holiday because I didn't host this one? I'm not asking her to host Thanksgiving, but I suppose she feels obligated now to do so.
By guiltomatic 10 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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