Should i leave my boyfriend of two years? Serious help needed.

So me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years.

I am 18 and he is 18.

We are very, very much in love and very, very close. He lives with me.

Before him, i had a lot of guy friends. I just prefer having guy friends over girl friends.

When we started dating at first we didn't talk about anything like that and i continued to hangout with my guy friends.

To make a long story short, he won't let me hangout with my guy friends (or any guy) if he's not there. Even talk to them. He freaks out.

And when i ask him to come hangout with one of them with me, he won't.

He wants it to be me and him ALL the time. The only friends that we hangout with are his friends.

Neevvvveerrr my friends, because they're guys. Nope. That's out of the question.

Also, he doesn't like parties unless it's with his friends.

And i love parties, i'll go to any one any time.

So my questions are should i leave him and is he controlling?

(and for those of you wondering, no, he will not change.)
By RhiAlise 12 years ago :: Dating
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