The Girl I Love Isn't Sure What She Feels For Me.

So there is this girl in my class, I know her since last year, but this year, we became really close, we text sometime during summer because at the end of last year we found out we had a lot in common, like our name initials (M.H booth), our family members, place and hospital where we were born, our birthday's (3 days difference, 25 and 28 of July) and many other stuff...

So I decided to tell her that I like her, she was happy, but told me that we don't know each other that much, and that I told her I like her one week after we became really close. She wanted us to keep our secret between us, we can still be friends, and why not, maybe we'll fall or each other, I told her I want her to be my girl friend, she said she don't want to because we're in the same class and we may hate each other... Bla Bla Bla!

I took her out for lunch ones and we had fun, even her mother knows about me.
Now, its a month since I told her, I feel like I'm falling for her, she seems to be attracted to me, we take the bus together everyday, I feel her standing right next to me, and getting her body against mine, I can feel it its on purpose, but I'm not getting clear signals from her, I want her to show me if she likes me at least or not, she told me that she is comfortable with me, and that I'm a good guy, but whenever I ask her does she likes me or not, she tells me that she don't know yet, she needs more time to analyse her feelings! Its not like im asking her to marry me! Even when text-ing her lately, I tell her that I miss her at night and that I can't stop thinking about her, I don't get the "I miss you too honey" or "I wish you were next to me"

I just get the "Don't worry, tomorrow is in 8 hours, sleep well" --'
Its like she's doing me a favor, that I like her, and she doesn't, but still don't wanna hurt me!

last Tuesday we were in the bus, with her and some other friends, she was sitting next to me, so I had jacket on my knees, and I held her hand under it, because we are keeping our "relation" a secret! And I had that feeling, in my stomach, my heart was beating so fast... I knew its love, So I told her "I think I love you..." When I was home, she text-ed me " I hasn't been so long since you told me you like me, now All this love... I don't you to think that you love me while you don't, just let me know my feelings"

Did I mess it up but telling her that, because, that's the truth, I'm in love with her!? Or is she messing with me!? Should I give her some time, or I should talk with her one and for all? I don't wanna loose her, I really want her and only her, she's my one and only! ?

Any help!? :/
By Mhaasf1 12 years ago :: Marriage
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