Is it wrong for my girlfriend to make her profile picture one of her on the back of another guy?

My girlfriend has been very vocal about her expectations, limitations about my interactions with other girls. I hear them and change my attitude or whatever to appeaser her and her concerns. most time understanding where she's coming from. Recently she posted a picture of her on the back of another guy smiling and made her profile picture. I called her about it and she feels that she did nothing wrong and it was innocent. After all the other expectation she placed on my actions of the other girls I thought she was in the wrong. She took the picture down and said she would never do it again. but her apology would like this " I'm sorry you have an issue with it I won't do it again. Am I wrong, does that give the perception that they are together. Am I wrong, or would everybody be okay with their significant other making the profile picture a picture of them with another guy you do not know?
By 2006Z06 12 years ago :: Dating
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