Am i insecure and manipulative or is he the one messing up?

Ive known this guy for 3 years now,he always liked me and i never payed attention to him i would just get his hopes up and then change my mind and start talking to another guy.We dated twice and i broke up with him because when i was around him i just didnt feel it and all i wanted to do was be with my friends.I really hurt him for a long time from my freshmen year until now.Now i am a junior and somehow i opened my eyes and realized he was worth it and started getting all these feelings for him so i told him.By this time he was already talking to another girl but he said he would stop talking to her for me and he did and i was hoping everything would turn out great.Then 3 days later he tells me he likes the other girl and dates her,then in less than a week they break up and i called him because of a school assignment and we started talking again.He told me he was sorry and that he wanted to fix stuff and eventhough he basically left me for the other girl and came back to me afterwards i said yes,we arent dating but we are planning to.We are talking but now i feel like im the one that has to go up to him im the one that has to call him i have to do everything he claims that he likes me and all but its been a week that he was with the other girl so it makes me feel like he might still like her but when we are together hes nice and all but before felt like he payed more attention to me and was extremely into me now im not sure im so lost idk if he is just confused or actually likes me now i find myself staring at the phone waiting for his call and he always seems busy im so confused because i REALLY like him now hes someone i would want to be with for a looooong time so thats what makes me stay but idk if its my imagination or if hes being messed up.He said he isnt joining the army anymore because of me and all these stuff but im scared that hes just gonna get tired and leave again im not comfortable just thinking about him leaving me for someone else again.He says everything is fine and that im exagerrating and get worried a lot what should i do?
By jackieee 11 years ago :: Dating
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