Cheating husband for friendship and money or handsome boyfriend who doesn't have a job !

Ok so I have a dilemma should ugo back to my husband of 5 yes he cheated on me after 3 years aGo with 2 people he met online he then left nd and has had counselling he spent 2 years trying to win me back although he has dated during this time he has a Very good job and I like his family he is funny and I can see he is good looking but there would be intimacy issues due to the cheating he is 32 and has offered to buy a house for us to live in id never want for anything he was addicted to porn and says he doesn't watch it anymore or go online . Or my boyfriend who is 25 currently looking. For work he's from a poor background and still likes a party and was living with his mum but we have chemistry and good sex life sometimes he is immature and selfish the relationship has been long distance so has had that pressure he has to go home a lot as sometimes he can get some cash in hand work which I dont like as I feel he should try harder here I've just had a major operation and he still said he to go I feel like if he had a job here things would be great but he doesn't have a good track record also at the start of the relationship his ex said she had slept with him but I am unsure I've had no reason not to trust him since although he does watch porn . I'm a student nurse 28 with 1 child from previous .
By Jaime 11 years ago :: Marriage
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