My Boyfriend Flew To Europe Alone To See A Girl.

This is a friend of my boyfriend for 6 years and he considers her one of him "best friends". My boyfriend is going into the military pretty soon so he decided he HAS to see her before he goes in. The problem is, this girl lives in eastern Europe. So he decided to "SURPRISE" her by flying all the way there without telling her. He talked to her mom and brother, made sure it was a solid "surprise" and then, just took off to eastern Europe knowing that it would upset me.
The reason why i'm so upset over this is because I consider "flying all the way to europe from america just to surprise someone" a romantic move. I personally have some really close guy friends too but I would never do anything like this for them (because they are just friends). Secondly, this girl is completely straight (my closest guy friend is gay), and writes my boyfriend letters and cards with "i love you" on them. She never talks to me and she's mailed my boyfriend's mother and sister gifts but nothing for me even though she knew we all live together. She also pretends to be cute and innocent which made my boyfriend believe she wouldn't try to hurt anyone, and the fact I'm mad about this will cause me to be mean to her. And he even threatened if I (or any of my friends) were ever rude to her, he would've broken up with me.
By lalala77 12 years ago :: Dating
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