Can I still trust my wife after finding out about something she's lied about for 12 years?

My wife told me she was a virgin when we met(so was I) but that wasn't that big of deal to me as I knew that expectation would be unrealistic. I found out recently she slept with a guy who asked her to marry him 6 months before we met but she never accepted. She's told me for 12 years I was her first and I've done things accordingly(romantic talk, how we're going to talk to our kids someday about it, etc). She also made it a big point when we started dating that if I had been active before we met I needed to get tested, which would have been fine. Well she never got tested and she's told me stories about his past sexual history which he revelaed to her which really bother me considering she never got tested. I feel betrayed and wonder if I can trust her again, let alone have sex with her or what else has been a lie all these years.
By Confused29 15 years ago :: Marriage
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