Should I stay?

My husband never admits he is wrong. We've been together 8 years and he has apologized maybe 20 times. Example, he woke up the other day and way pissy because I was on my phone playing a game. He apparently thought we should have morning sex but rather than saying anything about it he just gets a pissy attitude about it. He does this several times a month, randomly gets mad about things, half the time I don't even know what he's mad about and then is all grumpy and rude to me, but can't ever admit little stuff like "sorry, I was mad about work and took it out on you". It's annoying but the one the other day about sex really irked me. It blew up into a huge argument where I told him either change or I'm done. He doesn't understand it's not a huge deal that he got pissy but the fact that he sees nothing wrong with him getting pissy over it is a huge problem. I'm tired of wondering what he's mad about and I'm really ready to end the relationship over it. We have a son though and I feel like I should stick around for him, but I can't imagine living my entire life like this and his inability to see a problem means changing they problem is pretty much out. I'd rather get out now while I'm 30 instead of waiting until I'm 45 and be alone forever. Should I stay or go? Any idea how to get him to see what he's doing is wrong? Talking to him about it goes nowhere. He thinks I'm irrational and making something out of nothing.
By BearsGirl 10 years ago :: Marriage
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