Does my boss fancy me?

I am in my late 20s and came out of a serious (8 years) relationship last summer. Since then, I have really loved being single, and haven't even thought about dating.

From around October time, my boss and I began texting each other. At first it was harmless, then towards Christmas it got significantly flirtier.
Over Christmas I heard nothing, and now, even though he will text most nights, it almost feels perfunctory.

He is around 15 years older than me, and a genuinely nice guy. He split with his wife a year and a half ago and has three kids, and I know the whole thing was – and still is – very painful for him.

The thing is, I've grown to really like him. So much in fact, that on a work's night out last week he text me four times after I had gone home and to bed, but then I feel that in person we don't really speak much.

What is going on? What does he want? Is he just lonely and enjoying a bit of text action? Or does he actually like me?

What should I do?
By bodanon 12 years ago :: Dating
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