why he never respond to my text ? Should I continue to text him and hope him change his mind?

I met a very cute guy online and we talked last week. The next day we went out on a first date. We went to the beach and had really good conversation together. Then he took me back to his apartment that night. He was laying on the bed and asked if I wanted to lay with him. Anyway, I did and things got heat up pretty quickly.
We started making out and he asked if he can put XX inside me. Of course I said no since I just met him (not sure if he has STD or not). Anyway, I ended up giving him hand job. After that,I was leaving because it was getting late. I felt bad that I did this to him because I have never done this before to a guy on a first date.
Anyway, I texted him and asked if i can come over next day because I couldn't stop thinking of what I did with him the other night. I guess I was appeared to eager and desperate.
Long story short, He told me that he was in the bad mood and didn't want to do anything when I drove almost half hours to meet him at his apartment. I was very upset and told him that we should not keep in touch if he doesn't want to hang out with me that day. Then I walked out of the door. Later, i regretted what i said and texted him to apologize for it. He never respond me back.
It has been three days now and I haven't received his text message yet. Now I felt hurt and confused. Why he didn't text me back? He said he liked me and cared about me. Anyway, the question now is , should i let him go and move on? Or should I wait to hear from him and hope him change his mind and get in touch with me ? I felt it was part of my fault that moving things too fast and he may get scared away. But shouldn't he forgive me by now since I already apologize for it? Thanks and I appreciate your input.
By camilla20999 11 years ago :: Dating
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