Was there any warning?

Hello everyone! Welcome back!

So it feels like this site has been down for months...at least for those like me who check it nearly everyday.

My question though was if anyone noticed a warning that it was going down or what the maintenance was even for?

I admit I like the new style, it's easier to read sides and posts as well as making posts. It feels more intuitive this way.

And ST, if you're paying attention, how hard would it have been to at least add on a little notice to the maintenance tag with something along the lines of "We're upgrading, sorry for the inconvenience", or at the very least every time you're countdown ended to post a little update with "We're not gone, we're just waiting like you all are for someone to plug the damned server back in!"

Either, still glad it's back up and running...now...in the immortal words of Judge Mills Lane:
"Let's get it on!"
By Semper_Cogitans 11 years ago :: General
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