Did my girlfriend over react over FLOWERS? Am I being Insensitive?

My girlfriend lost her only child and the 1 yr anniversary of her loss just went by a few weeks ago. She's been expressing that she's been feeling very insecure and not seeing her self-worth due to her loss.

I've just moved in with my buddy and his girlfriend a couple of months ago and they fight all the time. The girlfriend puts fresh flowers in the house pretty regularly including in my room where I stay.

My girlfriend is feeling a little jealous of this and bought me a bouquet of fresh flowers and a vase last week for my birthday along with other gifts.

When she came to my house last night she didn't see the flowers and asked me where they were. I had thrown most of them away because they died but kept the few that are still alive and put them in a vase downstairs in the kitchen, but forgot to tell her that. I just told her that I threw them away because they died.

She was so upset that I threw them away and said they couldn't have died that quickly and compared them to the flowers my buddy's girlfriend puts in my room.

In the 1 ½ yrs we've been together I've never seen this side of her. She's never shown any signs of jealously or anger.

I told her she's being ridiculous and acting like a crazy jealous person.
Am I being insensitive?
By AdvicePlease 11 years ago :: Dating
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