Should I feel upset?

My significant other recently asked me for $700 to pay off his probation fines. The $700 was apart of my savings to buy a home for our family. He didn't understand that it upset me that he asked. He thinks I should support him no matter what because that's what a relationship is about. I really feel he should be more responsible and take care of this issue on his own. I am not tied to his bad decision that led to probation. He says he will pay me back. He's not good with his word and I cover all household expenses. His paycheck covers odds and ends that I can't afford, such as gas money. Now, when he gets paid, I can tell there is tension because he has to give me his money. For example, one week he gave me $100. The next week he had to pay his phone bill and he kept the rest. This week he hasn't told me what I will get. Now he says he's getting laid off and I see no clear indication that I will get paid. I'm very upset that he put me in this position and that he doesn't care that the house we wanted may not happen. He is more worried about not having the money for rims he wants. Please be honest.
By flyaway29 11 years ago :: Money
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