Moving on from a long-term relationship?

So a few months ago I split up from my partner of 7 years. It was a mutual decision and I feel it was the right one. I've taken some time to get my head together and now feel ready to move on and meet someone new. My question is how? I'm 30 years old so no longer meet people through university or on nights out like I used to. I have a decent job, am well educated and am currently flat sharing with a friend. I'm not stunningly beautiful but not ugly either. The profession that I work in is female dominated and the few men we do have at work are much older and married. I do have the occasional night out with friends but I live in a very small city and there are not many men around. I like to go to the gym and run round my local area. Most of my friends are already settled down. Any male friends that I have are friends only with no attraction there. I don't want to go down the internet dating route just yet.

So what would you do in my situation?
By Mar23 11 years ago :: Dating
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