Should I leave my husband?

I'm a stay at home mom with a 8 month old son.

I currently live in a town of 600 people, 1000's of miles from my home town of 8000. I moved away from my good job, family, best friends and everything I know and love to be with this man. I don't have any friends because of the clicks here and yes I've tried to make friends. I don't have a car to drive anyplace. My husband refuses to give me any money to spend, so I can't even go to shop. I never see my husband because if he's not at his day job, he's at the bar we owns. Most of the time he's not even working, just watching sport. He's a good man but he's very controlling. Now that we have a child I feel like I have to stay here, but he never sees our child and I'm miserable.

He tries his best to keep me happy but unfortunately his other life is keep this family apart. Do I stay here where I'm unhappy or do I leave to be with a better support group that is a 12 hour drive from my babies father?
By ladyofvoodoo 10 years ago :: Marriage
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