I'm developing feelings for a guy i met online - what do i do?

I'm a 20 yr old girl from the USA, about a month ago i was rather bored and went on a chatroom. Not too long after i started talking to this 26 yr old guy from the UK.We started talking for awhile, and i was really enjoy our conversation, he was intelligent and really funny. we just hit it off. i ended up adding him on skype and we ended up talking that night for a good 4-5 hours. we were asking each other questions. getting to know each other,after talking that long things took a turn towards something more sexual. it started out completely innocent but the connection just took over. after that he told me he was surprised it got to that, but he enjoyed it and talking to me none the less. we've been in contact ever since. talking quite often, about every other day for multiple hours. there is no loss of words when talking to him, the conversation just flows. we still have done sexual things, but we do enjoy just talking too. we've seen each other on webcam through skype multiple times, there is definitely an attraction there and we have both admitted it to each other.I'm not the kind of girl who falls head over heels with a guy the moment i meet him, let alone a guy online. it just seems crazy to me, but i've felt such a strong connection with him from the beginning. i'm not in love or anything, but i definitely and developing feelings for him...what do i do? am i crazy for feeling this?

and for the matter of not really knowing who he is, i feel like i have a pretty good perception of people, and he comes off incredibly trustworthy.as well as everything he has told me about himself has been backed up by a quick google. so i definitely trust him
By confusedchick 11 years ago :: Dating
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