Confused! Does his gift mean anything now?

Thanks for taking this time out for my question. So, basically I am confused. Before I tell the story, let me brief toy about myself. I am a female in LDR, head over heals in love and so is the guy. My guy sucks at surprises while I love them.we have been together for the past 1 year and I have been telling him how much I love them over and over again. So, one year- nothing. Finally after expecting and waiting for so long, in a fight I told him I had been waiting and now I won't, so if he makes a gesture it won't matter much and if he doesn't, its okay. About a few days after this he made a beautiful gesture by sending me a few pictures of us in a hand made collage.
I know he put in a lot of work and I appreciate it and I thanked him for it but some how had it come before this fight and before I stopped wanting to be surprised, it would have mattered a lot. It did bring a smile to my face but nothing beyond that.
I can't find the clarity of what should I do. I don't feel like squealing in happiness or am I just being too rigid and over reacting?
By anna_880 10 years ago :: Dating
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