How can I live like this

I have been with my boyfriend for a number of years, we have our ups and downs but we have now got a baby. i seem to be constantly upset my his unreasonable behavior. I have dumped him previously and walked away but I let him in and now, 9 months later, baby is here. He appreciates nothing I do, listens to nothing I say, is very grumpy and never apologises. Apparently, I deserve it. For example, he jumps in his sleep and I got an hour sleep yesterday. Later that day he put me on the spot and wanted friends round for a bonfire, i was like hello, I am a bit tired for that. So went to bed, soon as I opened my eyes, he was being a grump, saying fuck sake cos baby is awake and he is tired. He is s good dad, he got up to feed her twice as I was comatosed and didnt hear her. I got persecuted for being asleep, but he didnt wake me and ask for help, he just woke me up grumpy, so i had a go and told him its about time after 3 years of telling him to drop the attitude that he still carrys on. They's lots of problems in this relationship, he texts my mum and involves her in our arguments when she keeps says she does not want to be as she is ill. He seems to corner me, and blame it all on me for his own grumpyness and my reaction to it is always anger. I cant swallow it as he does it that often, it upsets me and I shout, then he calls me a bad mother. He says he is honest but he wont be open, he is cold, only affectionate when he wants sex, and just constants behave out of order and creates problems. He headbutted me once because I had ago about his bad attitude, and now we have social services round and he does not seem to be able to stop the unreasonable behavior towards me. I want to leave him again, but now I am stuck in his house with my baby and totally unappreciated. What can I do, I am at my wits end with him, I cant stand the thought of anyone else having to endure a relationship with him after I have dumped him, he is horrible. He is nice one minute and grumpy the next. He is ill but that is no excuse to be a constant arsehole. I am trapped, no one to turn to, he made sure of that, and no where to go. HELP
By pixiemoo 11 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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