Sex Starved Wife

I am a 21 year old female. I would never go to
some random website to get advice but im
desperate. Me and my husband got married in
Jan of this year. For the most part we have a
wonderful marriage. He loves me very much I
know. He is sweet, respectful, considerate,
gentle and kind to me. He puts me above all of
his needs. But he will not make love to me. We
dated for about two years before we got
married and we didnt have sex a whole lot but
we were deffinitely meeting eachothers needs.
But for about four, maybe five months now
there has been very little sex at all. Like maybe
one or two times a month. For an 80 year old
couple that may be normal and everything but
not for a “newly happily married couple“. I am
by no means an unattractive woman, I actually
get hit on quite a bit so I just dont understand.
The times we do have sex is only because I
innitiated it. Not only does this make a woman
feel worthless, eventually she feels as though
no man would or could possibly want her no
matter how untrue that is. There are times I just
cry and cry wondering what is wrong with me,
how did I end up in this situation. I mean its
supposed to be the other way around, the men
are the ones that are supposed to begging their
wives for more sex right? How did I end up with
the one man who doesnT? Like I said he treats
me amazing and loves me very much this man
is the love of my life, my world I want to share
that special connection and bond with him and
I just cant understand how he wouldnt want the
same thing. Ive talked to him about how I feel
and asked him but he just reassures me that he
Is attracted to me and he does call my beautiful almost on a daily basis but if that were true he would want to make love to me. I can even walk through the house butt naked and he doesnt take a second look at me. Ive tried everything! Going to bed in sexy lingerie, teasing him by rubbing hin , asking him to take a shower with me...but nothing! And like I said im very attractive and have NEVER had this problem in the past. i love this man with all my heart and I know he loves me very much but this had made me feel so horrible about myself , ive thought about leaving but I dont want that or anyone else. I want my husband but I want him to want me too! Its not fair to me. When I ask him why we dont
have sex he just makes up excuses like well
were always tired or we havent had a chance,
which is totally untrue. I have talked to him about this numerous times but nothing has changed. The emotions and hurt that I feel are unbearable. I cant do this anymore and I cant live the rest of my life this way. I am extremely unhappy with my marriage and dont know what do. He barely kisses me or touches me or anything. This is ruining my
marriage. I want to feel wanted and attractive. It is extremely important to me to be touched and kissed by the love of my life. I just dont know what to do please
help!! I dont want to hurt anymore!
By hrlyhrtbrkr 10 years ago :: Marriage
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