Do I stay or do I go?

Okay so I've been dating this guy for around 5 months now, we started dating on valentines day and we have been together mostly everyday since. I am 20 and he is 23, he still lives at home due to our religion but I live on my own with a roommate. I do consider myself to be very independent and very mature for my age.

Our first fight/argument we ever had was because of his ex girlfriend.. and the rest to follow because of her as well. As well..
I constantly would see her name as his top best friend on snap chat. Why is he constantly snap chatting her and what sort of pictures could they be exchanging? I tried to talk to him about it and he tried to explain to me that she is always going to be around because she is friends with all his friends and that their families are close. Basically telling me he doesn't care, and he will do what he wants.
I've honestly never touched his phone, I do not have his face book password and when it comes to all the social media I have no clue what goes on or who he talks too. He is constantly following and adding girls on face book, pretty girls and girls I would call "promiscuous". I am not an ugly girl and I am not insecure, but him following and possibly chatting up other girls really bothers me. Am I wrong for feeling jealous/hurt? I have been cheated on before, and I find I get concerned and worried when he likes/adds/follows other girls. Girls he does not know, that he somehow meets online ( probably this app called instamessage, where I met him.) for three months we are constantly fighting because I catch him snap chatting other girls and them being on his top friends list. I found on him the instamessage app after he told me he deleted it but wasn't sure how to delete the account permanently, claiming that he doesn't use it but is randomly finding all these girls from our city that i know he doesn't personally know. He always gives me an excuse as to why hes talking/snapchatting these girls and its always the same lame excuses.

I have literally cut off all boys, deleted my facebook, and I stopped texting all the guys who used to constantly contact me. I have been so loyal to him, and it just really hurts my feelings when i constantly have to fight with him and ask him why he does it. He never can give me a real answer. He doesn't complement me anymore and i feel as if he really just has lost all interest. I really like him and i just want things to be back to how they were when we first met, but now we just constantly argue and fight over the stupidest smallest things. It really just keeps pushing us apart. He doesn't spend as much time with me anymore, and sometimes i feel like he just makes excuses so he doesn't have to see me/do things with me.

He doesn't tell me that he loves me, or that he cares about me or anything, i'm always the one who do the talking and he just never has anything to say unless he gets angry. He barely calls or texts me during the day anymore, when he used to always call me at anytime even if he was working just to chat and say hi. I really just feel like he has no interest anymore. I am just really confused.
The other night, an ex boyfriend i was previously on and off with, texted me and was not really flirting with me but was calling me names like "princess" and asking about my life now. My boyfriend somehow saw my phone go off while it was on the couch at his friends, and he read our entire conversation and is trying to say that all his trust in me is gone. He dropped me off last night and while we were talking in the car, i tried to explain to him how i felt and he just didn't have anything to say as usual. He hasn't texted me or called me since, but is following more girls on instagram since then lol.

im really just fed up, and i don't think its too hard to show your girlfriend some attention and affection here and there, and its kind of the reason why i started replying to my ex because I was getting that attention that i feel i needed.
Am i selfish? Should i break up with him? I realize I never should have been messaging my ex in the first place but i was just so confused because of the way he has been acting towards me. i am willing to cut every guy off for him but he's not willing to do it for me and all his randoms. I really just feel like its time to let go, but i don't know if i am overreacting. HELP?!
By sashaz17 10 years ago :: Dating
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