Is he the biggest a-hole?

Ok quick disclaimer before I begin, I know that I am on the sensitive side and I have a hard time trusting men due to my upbringing but I need some help.
I've been friends with this guy for almost two years now,have been dating since october and officially been his girlfriend for 5 months. One night we were talking about when we used to be just friends and how he attempted to set me up on a date with one of his friends and basically just said to me "well, you were a lot heavier then." granted yes I was 40 pounds heavier but it was an unnecessary and insensitive way of telling me that the only reason he finally made a move was because I lost weight. That along with him always telling me how much better I'd look with lighter hair and how to wear my makeup and constantly making comments on other hot girls made me snap and I broke up with him. It only lasted for a week and I got back together with him. Since getting back together I noticed that he really has been trying to be different but I know that he is still the shallow guy at heart. Now if I eat a donut he asks me how my "diet" is going and gets annoyed if I eat a lot. He is so obsessed with everyone's appearance and is extremely honest and has admitted that his mother raised him with this superificial mindset and that looks are all that matter and blah blah blah but just this morning I'm telling him a story about me and another woman and he randomly asks " was she weird looking" to which I replied " why does that matter" he then of ourselves made a me out of it like he usually does and I just dropped the conversation. I know I am not the most gorgeous girl in the world. I have a lot of insecurities and this is only making me more obsessed. I've already ordered 300 dollars worth of diet food and been to 3 plastic surgery consultations until I snapped out of it and realized why am i doing this.

On the plus side he is really good to me in other aspects. He is very generous and does everything for me and i think he honestly does care about me. Also he does tell me I'm beautiful but despite his compliments he still somehow manages to make me insecure and I wonder constantly if a hotter girl showed interest would he leave me for her? Maybe I'm being overly sensitive I don't know what to do :(
By Lolafx2000 10 years ago :: Dating
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