where can I go with my girlfriend?

Actually I am just trying to have relationship. She just wanna friendship. we went to restaurant to have lunch, we went to a park and laid down hours.. but she still wanna be as a friend.
I am not trying to have her just for a night or something like that. I really like her, i can't say its love, I'm not sure but I'm like a child, thinking about her all the time. also we are working same place. but she is ok when i ask to go somewhere together. she is so emotional, as I'm.
I sent to her house a orchid, she loved it.
I just wanna take her to nice place, could be romantic place. I don't have any idea.
can you please tell me something? where should i take her? Do you know any places?
thanks very much...
By ossie53 10 years ago :: Dating
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