Follow my heart and lose my friends and family... or lose the love of my life but keep my friends and family?

I've been in a loving relationship with a transguy (FTM) for the past 7 months...

For the first 4 months i tried to keep our relationship (and his gender identity) a secret from my family and friends (i knew they wouldn't accept it and he was very understanding about it all.) But the longer wed been together the more i knew deep in my heart that this is the person i wanted to spend the rest of my life with!! So i decide to introduce him to my family and friends... To say they were not understanding of our relationship is a huge understatement!!

My family now refuses to talk to me (which really sucks because we were always so close) and I've lost all but two of my friends. I thought after a while my family at least, would get used to the idea and be more accepting... But its been months now and i dont know what to do!!

On the one hand i dont want to lose my family but on the other hand i dont want to lose the love of my life...

What would you do in this situation (where your family/friends dont approve of your SO)? Would you give up the person you love to keep your family? Or would you keep your family but lose the love of your life?

Why can't they just be happy that he makes me happy!! Why does everything have to be so difficult!!
By gonesailing 10 years ago :: Dating
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