HUGE crush on my boss. but is he into me too??

A couple months ago I started my internship at this company that was founded by two young men, one of them I liked a lot right away and I have come to like him more every time i see him.

We communicate in a weird way if you ask me.. sometimes i'm a bit loud, and sometimes he is when we're in the same room.

He does have a girlfriend from what i understood (or at least, i'm not sure if they are still dating, but she used to be a former employee there as well)

Anyhow; I ended up in the hospital after an accident with a speedboat on a weekend trip with the whole crew, and he was with me the entire time and he held my hands, and put his hand on my leg when i was able to sit up again..
another colleague walked in when he had his one hand on my hip and the other holding my hand, i saw her face just changing when she saw it...
We do not have one on one moments very often, they're rare..
But if we do sort of have one, we lock eyes and I just feel this spark between us..

I know him as a very confident and outgoing person,
The strange thing is, I can't seem to figure out how he feels about me...
He starts a conversation with everyone, except me, well.. sometimes he does, but they're usually short.
I catch him looking at me and then looking away when I look at him every now and then..
I also noticed that sometimes when I'm around and he is not talking to someone else in the room, he gets a tiny little bit nervous, he just sits there and zones out, like he is thinking about serious stuff. or sometimes he will start acting a little bit nervous...

There is not a lot that can happen during the day, since we are at the office and there are others around, and everyone is working.. he has not gone out of his way to talk to me or anything, which is the other side of the story...

Just don't know what to think...

btw, he's 29, i'm 21
By LAxVogue08 10 years ago :: Dating
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