Husband almost broke his neck on the stairs and it's somehow my fault??

We were cleaning up after dinner and I needed to put some empty jars in the basement. I was heading downstairs with them when this occurred:

Husband: "don't go downstairs right now, come back and help me finish cleaning the kitchen."
Me: "These jars need to go downstairs or I'll forget to do it. I'm going to put them here at the top of the stairs so I can do it when we're done."

a few minutes later he goes towards the basement, trips over the jars and tumbles down the stairs. I was still in the kitchen (doing what he asked me to do!) and he came up angry, saying,

Husband: "you shouldn't have put those jars on the stairs! I could have broken my neck!"
Me" You're the one who pulled me away from that task in the first place, AND you forgot my warning that the jars were there!"
Husband: "you should have put them back in the kitchen then brought them downstairs later!"
Me: It would never get done if I put them back because I would have forgotten about them! You shouldn't pull me away from something I'm in the middle of doing!"

So where does the blame lie here? I think it's entirely his fault and he thinks I have a large share in the blame.
By Ellyvader 10 years ago :: Marriage
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