my boyfriend of 3 years is constantly in the shits and not speaking to me after hes being a dick. am I wrong?

for example earlier today I was getting myself and my 2 kids ready for doctors.he was getting ready for a job interview so I under he was under bit of stress but whilst getting ready he kept throwing a towel at me I asked him to stop. 3rd time it hurt I said Ouch thatorst hurt responded"good I hoped it would"so I went to friends house after doctors. bout 4hrs later he texted my friend asking me to call only to be abused for not telling him where I went after doctor.he left without sayin anything hoping that hed hurt me and then wonders why I didn't tell him where I was going after hes not talking to me cause he claims I don't know cause I m that dumb. sometimes I wish hed leave am I in the wrong?
By unbreakable 9 years ago :: Dating
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