Relationship Selfishness?

Ok, so the other day my boyfriend wanted to go to his friends house and even though i was exhausted because i work 2 jobs and have not had a day off to relax .. i agreed to go because he said it would only be till 630 pm ! So, we get there around 12:30 pm and are having a good time but than it starts getting late and I would like to get a few hours of relaxation before work the next day, so i ask my boyfriend if we could leave (its almost 7 pm ) and he refuses to leave !! A few words are exhanged and long story short i end up leaving without him. But he feels that i did not care about his happiness because he thinks i should have 'sucked it up' and stayed, i feel like i cared about his happiness because i woke up early on my one day to relax just to spend the day at his friends' house. Am i wrong ? Should i have stayed and 'sucked it up' even though i was exhausted and had to be at work early or should he have understood i did something i did not have to and been happy that i had already spent most of my day there ?
By Chrissy01 9 years ago :: Dating
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