Do women enjoy straight penetration with a penis without arousal or lubrication?

My partner has a habit of climbing onto me and penetrating me without any kissing arousal. foreplay and/or stimulation and beginning to have sex, our latest argument came when he climbed onto me this morning when I was laying on the bed and penetrated me, I was completely unenthused and had already told him an hour earlier that I was not feeling very sexual today as he had already woken me up by licking my vagina and that had bothered me enough to make me feel a bit frigid, when he penetrated me he asked 'are you finding this painful?' I said 'well yes of course it's painful when you put a penis into a vagina without any lubrication or arousal from the women' he got up and said that I shouldn't speak for all women and that all the women he'd been with before me enjoyed that and had I never heard of quickies, i said well yes but even in a quickie there needs to be some desire and arousal from the women too, this is just penetration, he then said he didn't want an argument and wasn't going to talk to me and ran out of the room, I followed and said that he was extremely immature and we got into an argument where he then said that the problem was all with me because I have borderline personality disorder and hyper sensitivity to sexual contact....anyone any thoughts? Do women enjoy this?? Is it a psychological aversion on my part??
By YellowBrick 9 years ago :: Dating
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