Was this cheating?

A few months ago I made an online friend, we'll call him Marcus. We met through a mutual interest in Harry Potter, and met through a Harry Potter group chat on Skype. Basically awhile ago we were playing a sort of truth or dare game, just the two of us, and it turned out we were both into omorashi. Now at this time, he was on a break with his boyfriend. Basically we would text each other about head canons of different characters wetting themselves (How would draco/harry/ron act if they wet themselves, kinda stuff) we would also share our own holding and wetting experiences. I'm going to be honest, I did masturbate to this, it was only text, but it was enough. It's worth mentioning I do this to fan fiction of fictional characters all the time, so it's really not him so much as it was the kink. One time he did a hold, and sent me pictures of him in his wet pants. Nothing overtly sexual, just him in his wet pants. At this time he was on a break with his boyfriend. Then his boyfriend came back, and I should have cut it off there and then, but the truth is I didn't even realise what we were doing might be cheating, I just thought of it as discussing a shared interest. Now a couple days ago, he asked me to Skype him while I masturbated so he could hear my moan, I refused, feeling uncomfortable. He then asked me to record it and send it to him, and again I said no, because that was uncomfortable for me. It was then I started to realise maybe this is wrong. Basically I completely cut it off, and I am very upset that I basically cheated with him, without even realising. I've never been in a relationship, so I don't honestly completely understand the line between friendship and relationship, and at the time it did feel like just sharing a interest.

So basically, when he was on a break with his boyfriend we discussed omorashi via text and I masturbated to the text conversations, and he sent me pictures of his peed in jeans. When he was back with his boyfriend we continued to discuss omorashi via text an I continued to masturbated to it, and he asked me to record audio of myself masturbating, but I refused. Was what I did wrong? Honestly I didn't even realise that it might be until yesterday and I feel so bad and guilty, I never thought I'd be the type of person to do something like this, and I hate myself so much for it.
By ashamedboy 8 years ago :: Dating
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