Irrational Anger

So my boyfriend and I have been together for about 6 years and actually fully lived with each other for two. I started to see his anger towards his mother for the first time when she asked him a question and he lashed out bad and hit the counter and called her a stupid fucking bitch. I was shocked and it took me by surprise.
Prior to this fight he would tell her to be quiet but not get super angry like he did, and I always told him nicely to be nice and respect his mother, but he never listened. Anyway, it got to the point where I did something and he lashed out on me like that I was like whaaat? I didn't want to give in and call him names too, so I just ignored him and left. It made me cry.
Fast forwarding angry fights and happy moments, we have been good the past couple weeks, so today was a great day off, he washed the pillow cases while I made dinner and cleaned up. I go to look for them, and ask him as he is laying on the living room shag rug naked (he sleeps naked) pretty sure he was drunk. I ask where they were and he says cool, look for them, I ask again he says look in the dryer and I go to the garage, grab the laundry and don't even swing the door open but he says I did as he calls me a stupid fucking bitch over and over again and I'm just confused as I get the laundry and don't say a word. I am being verbally abused and not to mention we have a one year old daughter and I don't want her hearing this.

It breaks my heart. I get verbally abused when he is under pressure. Which is often. I don't know if it's worth leaving or therapy?
By Adviceplease2016 8 years ago :: Dating
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