Should i still try? Should i be friends or stop all together?

Its been about 2-3 months since i met this girl ive been dating off and on. We're pretty much close to being a couple that hasnt had sex yet: when we go out we hold hands, cuddle and show PDA on some part. And shes opened up to me quite a bit so far.

But on the other hand i barely hear from her(maybe once or twice a week, three if im lucky). She blames it on work, friends(which one isnt too fond of me behind my back) and family issues that she explains were recently taken care of, giving her more time to spend with me. She swears she likes me and wants to pursue something serious since so many guys hit on her and im the one she was interested in most, but then i get the runaround.

When im with her everything is good but when im not shes harder to get a hold of than a greasy balloon under water. Its been about 2 weeks since i actually seen her and almost a week since i talked to her, i get the feeling that im putting more effort than she is. I understand everyone gets burned with exs but i get the feeling shes not as interested as i am anymore and is sort of comparing me with her past men, not wanting to get burned again.

Should i keep trying, just be friends, or call it quits?
By Landers 12 years ago :: Dating
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