Is there any way I can sue Equifax for the breach on my credit report and personal data?

I've been recently unemployed and have been crushed with credit card companies hounding me for money. I'll gladly pay all them plus the late fees when I can but right now I just need a job to actually have the ability to pay.

Somehow as the little guy I am getting screwed.

But Equifax, with all their money, seems to just skirt by losing all our data to a hack where anyone could buy and use it to further advance our losses. They could potentially put me in more debt than I owe right now.

I'm just tired of the big guys not receiving proper consequences for their actions when I bust my butt to make a better life for my family and now I'm going to have to start over but guys like their management who sold a bunch of Equifax stock before the announcement of the breach (insider trading) get away free and clear.
By fallenvalor 6 years ago :: Money
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