am I right for being mad at him? ADVICE PLEASE!

So my husband has a big mouth. i work with a half brother of his cousin and the coworker told me that the cops were looking for his dad and brother (my husbands cousin and uncle) for fraud due to fake checks. I told my husband of this serious case because i trusted him. Come to find out today, he opened his big mouth to his cousin and uncle so they got on my coworker (the uncles son) for telling me about this. Now i'm going to have to see my coworker in a couple of days >/ I have no idea how his reaction is going to be. Well, i got into it with my husband for snitching me out. I thought I could trust him, and now I told him that I'm never telling him anything anymore for acting like a bit**!
By 1luckygal 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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