Can a husband/father work too much?

So my husband just started his own business with two of his close friends. He is doing landscaping and excavating locally. His friends are the same age as us with no children. We on the other hand have a 3 year old and a 3 month old. My husband wakes up at 6 am to go to work and doesn't return til around 8 pm. This is everyday except Sundays. My problem is this:
He does nothing to acknowledge us (myself and the children). We have one vehicle, a truck. So he takes it to work. I sit home all day everyday with two children... with no vehicle. My day consists of cleaning, cooking, laundry and caring for two young children. I have no time for myself... I very rarely shower on a daily basis. I know, gross! We are constantly fighting about this issue because he does nothing. In my eyes, it takes alot more to be a father and a husband than work. Yes, the money is great but how about helping out once in a while. And to be brutally honest with you all I ask is he takes out the trash. THATS IT! and he can't do that!?!?! Now mind you, he takes lunches with his friends, he lolly gags around town, and he gets sunshine! I get nothing. I get no breaks. I wake up with the kids in the middle of the night if needed. I bathe them, I feed them, I change them, I put them to bed, I DO EVERYTHING!!! The time that he is home, say its raining or its a sunday. He finds things to do to not be home, he is always on the phone or the computer. We don't do anything together. We don't even have sex anymore. He tells me that I am a nymph. I'm sorry that I like sex. Most men wouldn't complain right? Am I being a bitch or should he help out a little bit and acknowledge everyone a little bit better? ITS THE SMALL THINGS THAT MATTER... THE LITTLE THINGS COUNT RIGHT?
By MrsM 15 years ago :: Marriage
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