Who is right me or him? Is that a stupid situation to be mad about?

My husband and I had a drive-tour one day. It was one place I didn`t wanted him to drive to and I said wich place, but he did it anyway. He said that he did it becouse he wanted to do it, dispais my wish. But I didn`t wanted to drive there becouse I didnt wanted to see my old school...He said that he would not do it if I sayd so earlyer, but I didn`t wanted to talk about my old school...wasn`t it enouth that I asked him not to drive in that place. Doesn`t he respect a small wich like that from me. That was not important to him at all to drive there. So I asking a questionof why he didn`t respekt my wish not to drive in that place???
By madina090909 15 years ago :: Family (Extended)
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