Bachlor party and strippers...should i bring it up?

It just doesnt sit right with me. This weekend was my Fi's bachlor party, and of course they hit a total nude strip club. I was aware of this, and I even told him that I understood he was probably going to get a lap dance (or two). My problem is...I learned about the special "bachelor" dance that usually happens at these parties... if you arent familiar with this custom...the bachelor basically gets stripped down in front of his buddies by a few strippers. they beat him with his belt, make him get down on all fours and ride his back. (i dont know why someone would want to watch their friend do this...) This just doesnt sit right with me. I feel sad about it. Should I bring this up with him, or let this one slide?
By FeatherStone 15 years ago :: Dating
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