If your partner was slimmer, would that turn you on more?

Well my boyfriend of 3 years and I are arguing, hence the reason I'm asking you this.

We got on to the subject of chicks with slim bodies and he said that if he had a choice between my body or a slim girls body, he'd chose the slimmer one.
Me being only a little chunky asked him the typical girl question... Would he find it more of a turn on sexually if I was slim again.

He asked me the same question. But to be perfectly honest with you, I like his belly. To me, that's a turn on.
I have never been with him while he was slim, so I don't know what that feels like nor can I imagine a feeling.
So I love his belly. Truly.

I just need to know what a lot of guys and girls think out there.
Would you be more intimate with your partner if they were slimmer?

By LanZ 15 years ago :: Marriage
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