Boyfriend no longer seems to care about me

I have been dating my boyfriend for over 9 months. The first few months were spent apart as he worked in different states. However, I drove to meet him when the chance arose... once I even drove three states away from the one we live in to see him. When he came back home after three months things were going ok... now they are just kinda bad. He used to bring me roses and random things, but recently he got upset at me and threw a cup he was holding at one of the dried roses I had saved over the sink. He shattered it, made a mess, and I cleaned it up. We live in separate houses, but I spend the majority of my time at his house. I clean it top to bottom, and last night I asked him if he could take the trash out in he morning. He got angry and said the reason we don't have sex much (it's been a week and four days now, the last stretch was for three weeks) was because no one wants to have sex with their mother. I started crying the next morning at the memory of it (we slept in separate rooms last night and he didn't seem to care) and he came in to 'talk' to me which mostly consisted of, "Stop your sniveling. Waaah, waaah." I tell him I am genuinely hurt by him (he said he would try to work at being more emotionally caring during our last fight) and he is putting me down. He says I nag too much and act too motherly to him. He told me I could get over what he said last night about not wanting to have 'sex with a mother figure' or get out. He has no patience for me crying. I just feel like he doesn't care anymore. He just works outside all day (he runs his business from home now) and I only see him at night. I suggested we go out for a date before last night happened, and he said absolutely not. I am wondering if I should just leave or quit asking him to help with anything, hoping it gets better?
By Ashi 15 years ago :: Dating
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