Don't think I'm being unreasonable do you?

Married with 3 kids. All 3 have some form of special needs. I am a stay at home mom not by choice but by monetary circumstance (cheaper to stay home etc). I haven't had a "real" vacation in so long. I always have my kids up my ass.
My husband goes golfing, goes to concerts with friends, has a job to "run off to" instead of staying at home looking at the same 4 walls like me etc. He is now at a "meeting" for work for a week. They work doing the day and go out and have fun at night.

Is it that unreasonable for me to be pissed of at his life as mine is just full of wiping butts, making breakfast lunch dinners etc? I mean, 1 of our kids has autism and I desperately need a break from him. Is it wrong for me to be pissed that I don't have that kind of freedom and that he can't understand why I'm pissed????

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and have done EVERYTHING (too much to list but give up college is one) to raise them. I'm just so sick of being stuck at home that it pisses me off to know he has fun and he complains about me being pissed at it. He also says that he "never" gets to do what he wants. As far as I see it, he does everything he wants since he's pretty much on a vacation right now. I have yet to have one on one time with him for over a year (with no kids around). He goes to work early before we wake up and comes home late 2 hours before kids sleep. So they barely see him and he's too tired to pay attention to me. I'm sick and tired of this life I tell ya!

So am I being unreasonable?
By Tata 15 years ago :: Marriage
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