Is being supportive a bad thing?

So my bf wants to be a writer, and he is actually really good, he could really make it writing. and Im not just saying that because he's my bf either. Now about a month and a half ago, he was all excited about writing a book, he wrote a few pages then turned excitedly to me and told me that he wanted to get in the habit of writing for an hour a day, and I should stay on top of it. So the very next day he started playing a video game and I said I thought you were going to write and he said "no I dont feel like it" so I guess I looked a bit down and he got all defensive and told me not to get all upset if he decides not to write. So I asked him what he wanted me to do, he said just support everything I do. Which I do but if he tells me he wants to do soemthing and thats his dream and he does nothing to make it happen what am I supposed say? Now we both have a goal to move out to the country, and in order for us to get there I have to pay off my school debt, which Im doing and he says he wants to be a writer and make a living off that, so Im working hard to get my goal accomplished and it's been over a month and he doesnt even talk about writing anymore he wants to hang out with his work buddies or play video games. What should I do?
By ashhan86 15 years ago :: Dating
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