Should I stay or should I go ?

Alright, so. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and 7 months now but 2 weeks ago i decided to break up with him. While visiting him, i found a email address on his computer that was out of the ordinary so i decided to email it.. Come to find out he asks this person (me) to email him a picture. In response i say you send me one first and tell me about yourself. He totally sends a picture and desrcibes his height weight and says he's outgoing and loves to have fun. His excuse for that email was that his boss from Prepaid Legal said when being contacted to flirt with the customer so you seem nice so they buy the membership. I had never mentioned anything about prepaid legal and that sounds like a bullshit lie anyway. I love this guy with all my heart and I have seriously given nothing but unconditional love. I mean i would give him a little shit jokingly about talking to girls but other than that, nothing but honest. After i broke up with him he was sending me texts saying how i hold him ground and he loves me so much he wants to spend the rest of his life with me, etc etc. I told him he didnt know what love was and to stop talking to me that he didnt deserve me. The guy called me and read to me what Love was in the bible. Corth 1:13:4 . And CRIED while reading it. After all that a couple of days later, i totally gave in and told him that i hadnt even told my mom we had broken up because i knew i wanted to get back together with him. The ball was in MY court before i gave in and now i feel that its in HIS court. He came into town yesterday, texting me all day prior to that and hadnt talked to me since. So im left in the cold.. im the girl he knows will be there. I don't text him until he texts me and i only respond. Thats all ive done.. He still calls me at night to say goodnight and to tell me he loves me. I'm seriously an emotional wreck right now. Help...?
By iitsashley 15 years ago :: Dating
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