Boyfriend no longer wants to go on dates

My boyfriend and I have been together over 9 months. He used to go to the movies with me in the beginning - to bars (he no longer drinks anymore, thankfully - so bars are out -, movies, parks, ect. I recently asked him to go out with me tomorrow - Sunday - since we both have the day off. He declined. He then revised this and said if I would mow his yard - we live in separate places - for two hours he would spend four hours with me tomorrow. I agreed, and then he fell through by telling me he didn't expect me to agree to it. He accuses me of wanting to just spend money and take him away from work he has that needs to be done at home. I told him this wasn't the case, as we haven't gone out to see a movie for at least three months. I just want to designate time together where we aren't just hanging out. I live in the town with the movie theatre, and he could even spend the night, but he has only stayed at my house three times in the history of us dating. He just does not seem to care to want to go on dates with me anymore. He thinks hanging out is good enough. I know I don't ask that often, but it would be nice to go out again. I told him people in a relationship should strive to make each other happy, and he responded, "Well, going on dates does not make me happy." I asked him how he would feel if he was a girl and her boyfriend refused to go on dates with her anymore, and he added, "I would just dump the a**hole." This was said with sarcasm. Now I don't know what to do. It just seems like everything has to be done on his terms. I worked until 11:40 last night, got home with a birthday cake someone had at work, and put it in the fridge. I asked him nicely not to eat it - he was up watching a movie on the couch. This morning he woke me up to ask if he could have cake - only I found out later he had already eaten part of it anyway before he asked. I even asked him to please ask me in the future before he touches any of my food, and he said, "Erm... no. I'll forget." Has he just stopped trying?
By Ashi 15 years ago :: Dating
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